Workout 6/22/13

Today my workout got cut short by the rain, but it was effective either way. All I did was cardio.

1 mile jog

4 Gassers (55 yards and back)

1 mile jog (Got cut short by the rain today, only got about a half mile in)

Short, simple, sweet!

That seems to be my motto lately. You guys should check out my review on the THERA°PEARL knee wrap, it has some info on how you can enter a giveaway for a free one.

Thanks a ton,


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Review: THERA°PEARL Knee Wrap

As an athlete knees are one of the more common achy joints. Whether it be running, jumping, twisting, or falling, knees take a ton of impact. Being that they’re so vital it’s important to take good care of them, the people at THERA°PEARL feel the same way. (It’s always nice to have someone in your corner isn’t it?)

The THERA°PEARL knee wrap comes packaged in a slick plastic box.

therapearl knee wrap


The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the box is its quality feel. It really feels sturdy. I have had cold/hot packs leak on me in the past, but I have no worries about this one. The strap is really nice, and the Velcro holds tightly. Using it cold requires you to put it in the freezer for two hours, (I left mine in for 8 while I was at work) when I finally put it on my knee (which I have had tendonitis, and several MCL sprains in) I felt instant relief. I like how it contours perfectly to fit your knee. Besides being a cool aesthetic, the beads really fit into the folds and bends of your knee. A good change of pace from some of the more stiff, jagged ice packs out there.

After 20 minutes of cold I decided to heat things up a bit.   It suggests you microwave them for:

  • 700 Watt Microwave: 40 seconds
  • 1000 Watt Microwave: 35 seconds
  • 1250 Watt Microwave: 25 seconds

Microwaving it was great, the heat was evenly dispersed and wasn’t too hot. The plastic holding the “pearls” in didn’t seem affected by the heat at all.

All in all I can’t really find anything negative to say about this wonderful product. There’s a reason it’s a product that the NFLPA endorses.


This product is endorsed by the NFLPA

All in all, I cant really find anything negative to say about it. It’s head and shoulders above any ice/knee pack I’ve ever used.

If you want to contact them hit them up on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+ (If you like their Facebook page you can enter to win prizes)

You can purchase one of these right here for an affordable $19.99. (Trust me it will be well spent)

The people at THERA°PEARL were nice enough to give me two of these. So I’m going to give one away to the subscriber who ever submits the best guest post on how they mentally prepare for a workout or athletic event!

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Workout 6/21/13

Today, my workout was a bit longer. I have limited equipment at home so bear with me.

A DB Bench 5×10,8,6,5,5 (Started light and worked my way up)

B Bulgarian DB Split Squats 5×10,8,6,5,5 (Worked my way up again)

  • If you’ve never done these before…try them. In my opinion one of the best leg exercises an athlete can do. They’re brutal, but the power you can develop in your lower body is worth it.

C DB Row 4×8 (First set was light, then upped it and kept it consistent)

D DB Deadlift 4×8 (Same as above)

E1 DB Curls 2×10 (Light weigh, just to get reps in.)

E2 Narrow Triceps push ups 2×10 

F1 Rear Delt Flys 2×15 (Very light weight, focus on form)

F2 Calf Raises 2×20 (My calves only respond to high reps)

I don’t always add those supersets at the end, but I was feeling good and extra work is never a bad thing. It was a solid workout. I feel like a better athlete already! Anyway try it if you’d like….Let me know how it went!

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Update 6/21/13

Hey guys,

I have a few items to review, another workout to post, and another article to write….they should all be posted no later than tomorrow afternoon.

Remember to follow, and comment!!

(Also there might be a few prizes/giveaway contests :D)

Thanks for reading!

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Bend Over! It’ll be worth it! (Why you should incorporate stretching into your workout routine)

In order to be a better athlete one of the most important things you can do is stretch. Stretching is so vital to an athletes performance because it allows you to be injury free. (At least it helps prevent them) It’s an often overlooked aspect of training because lets face it, most guys (and a lot of gals) would rather lift weights or do some more sports specific training. What’s the point on putting a new paint job on a car if you’re not going to take care of what’s under the hood? Safe effective stretching can elevate your game to new heights. A flexible athlete is an all around athlete.

Just like anything else form is crucial, so if you don’t know how to properly do one of these stretches please ask! I can post pictures, videos, and more detailed descriptions. (Also, I’m not a doctor so before starting any workout program or stretching routine…Check with a medical professional)

I’m not a huge advocate for stretching before an event or a workout. I’d rather do a dynamic warm up before hand and stretch after, but here’s a few stretches to get you started off in the right direction. (I’ll get into that more in depth later)

-Arm Circles (Shoulders, Chest)

-Rear Delt Stretch (Shoulder)

-Triceps Stretch (Back of arm)

-Pectoral Stretch (Chest)

-Cat Stretch (Upper & Lower back)

Standing Toe Touch (Back of thigh, Calves, lower back)

Quad Stretch (Front of thigh)

Calf Stretch (Calves)

Hip Flexor Stretch (Hips, Groin)

(best stretch ever for a sore groin, but VERY easy to overdo…be careful!)

All of those links were taken from (Another great resource for all of you aspiring hall of famers out there)

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Workout 6/20/13

I was a bit short on time as I had a family cookout to go to. (No I didn’t pig out….ok maybe a little) So I cut the workout short and compacted it into a few compound movements. The only piece of equipment I used was my Rip 60 suspension trainer. Which is an amazing piece of equipment, (especially when you got it for $25) but you’ll I’ll link you the review later. On to the workout!!!

Like I said…it was short and sweet!

A1 Suspended Pushups (w/ weighted vest) 5×15

A2 Suspended Row (w/ weighted vest) 5×15

B Box Hops 5×5

(A1 & A2 means I used a super set)

It make look short but if you keep the intensity high you’ll be breathing pretty heavy afterwards. After you do one super set go right to the box hops, and vice versa until you’re done. Obviously take a break if you’re tired but try to keep the heart rate up. This should only take 20-30 minutes if you stay focused.

Try it out and let me know what you think!!

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